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Even More North American Tour Dates Announced

Lady Gaga has added six more North American dates to her 2011 world tour. Check them out below (on sale information is coming soon):

April 16, 2011 – Tampa, FL – St. Pete Times Forum
April 22, 2011 – Newark, NJ – Prudential Center
April 23, 2011 – Uniondale, NY – Nassau Coliseum
April 25, 2011 – Montreal, Canada – Bell Centre
April 27, 2011 – Cleveland, OH – Quicken Loans Arena
June 4, 2011 – Oakland, CA – Oracle Arena



Adam Levine, lead singer of Maroon 5 recently spoke about Lady GaGa in an interview with OUT Magazine. Check out the excerpt from the interview below.

Since the last record came out, the musical landscape has changed so much. A name that comes up a lot in the Out studio is Lady Gaga, and I really think she’s changed the musical landscape in a lot of ways — especially in America. But you’re saying that you guys really didn’t take into account what’s trendy or popular and just concentrated on doing what you do?
Gaga is the perfect example because people are definitely saying things like, “changed the face of music” and “avant-garde.” And I love what she does. I love the fact that she exists. It’s almost like, finally there’s a pop star who brings a little bit more weight to it. She’s weird. She’s a weird chick. She does weird shit. She dresses weird. Her music is slightly off. That’s awesome. I think that’s great for pop music because it’s been so safe up to this point, and I like that she’s nude all the time and weird and awesome and cool. Madonna was that way too. I know she gets that comparison a lot, but it’s true. She was pushing the envelope back in the day. She was doing the same thing that Gaga’s doing to a large extent. She has her own spin on it. That’s fantastic. I love subverting the new generation of pop music and all these really safe Disney kids. But no, I’m not going to try to sound like that because that would be weird. That would be even weirder than Lady Gaga herself if we just all of a sudden got really strange — because we’re not, that’s just not who we are. But she’s great, and there are very few things these days that are truly innovative and forward-thinking or at least different. Goddamn, everything’s just so generic. I like things that shake shit up.

Source: OUT Magazine


Check out the video above, where Lady GaGa speaks about the overwhelming amount of videos she received from her little monsters in response to the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” law. It’s an amazing showing of how united we are as a fan base. But the fight will not stop here! Keep calling your senators and tell them to vote against “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” so that this disgusting law can finally be eliminated.


Lady GaGa has beaten Oasis’ record for ‘most weeks in the UK chart’.

The singer has just claimed the Guinness World Record for notching up 154 consecutive weeks in the Top 75, pipping the Gallaghers’ record.

Congratulations GaGa!

Source: NME


Lady GaGa revealed her tattoo while heading into LAX airport in Los Angeles yesterday. As you can clearly see, it is a unicorn with the words “Born This Way” wrapped around it on a scroll. It’s also the name of the new album.

2010 MTV Video Music Awards Live Coverage

‘Gagaisha’ will be providing you with updates, photos and videos live from the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, which take place on Sunday, September 12th at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles! Lady Gaga will attend the show to collect her awards (she is nominated for 13 moonmen, 18 counting Beyoncé’s “Video Phone”). I Will also put out the full list of the 2010 WMA winners after the show!


When the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards kick off on Sunday, “Unwritten,” singer Natasha Bedingfield will be rooting for one of her pals, nominee Lady Gaga. Bedingfield isn’t placing any bets on how many Moonmen the 13-time nominated Gaga will take home, but she says her former tourmate deserves her latest accolades.

“I was on tour with Lady Gaga two years ago, and I got to know her a bit, and she’s just fantastic. So, I hope that she wins for one of them, at least, ’cause that’s cool,” Bedingfield told MTV News at the VMA Radio Forum on Friday. “She was opening for me and New Kids on the Block on the road. It was awesome! We were just two girls going around going to different states in America.”

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