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Lady Gaga Wants To Buy A Castle In The UK

Lady GaGa reportedly wants to buy a castle in Britain.

According to the Daily Record, the Bad Romance singer (who is launching her own fragrances) is considering buying property in Scotland or the North of England – having fallen in love with the country during her recent tour.

“No expense will be spared in her quest to make this dream come true,” said a source to the paper. “It’s her childhood dream and she’s particularly interested in castles in the north of England or Scotland.”

And according to a local estate agent, Gaga’s timing couldn’t be better – as she’s likely to get a good price if she decides on purchasing in Scotland.

“The average time a property is on the market is eight months. That tells us much of the property is overpriced,” he revealed. “The country house market seems completely static. Some prices being asked are what they would have sold for at the peak of the market.”


Lady Gaga Hospitalized Repeatedly For Dangerous Dieting?

Internationally celebrated for her wildly original performances, Lady Gaga may have a wildly unoriginal habit: going hungry to look good onstage. A new biography penned by Maureen Callahan, ‘Poker Face: The Rise and Rise of Lady Gaga,’ reveals startling claims about the seemingly confident singer, according to RadarOnline. Gaga’s former tour manager, David Ciemny, alleges in the book that the 24-year-old binged on junk food when not depriving herself of calories altogether. And he claims that in 2009 alone, the Grammy winner landed in the hospital six times while dieting to slim down. Not once, not twice, but six times last year.

Back in March, fans fretted about her health when she nearly collapsed onstage, seemingly exhausted. And in April, the pop star’s rep denied that Gaga was on a bizarre baby-food diet, after rumors circulated that she was subsisting on the small jars of pureed food — rumors that sounded crazy to some, but since Gaga’s a darling among fashion insiders, it isn’t difficult to believe that she conforms to that industry’s golden standard: be as tiny as possible, whatever it takes.

Wendy Starland, who helped discover the unknown New York City musician Stefani Germanotta before she became Lady Gaga, is also quoted in the new tell-all, and says of the singer’s rising-star days, “The pressure on her to lose weight was very high.”

Today, after millions in record sales, Gaga’s success seems to hinge on promoting a very non-conformist, in-your-face persona: she’s rebellious, audacious, and according to Time magazine, very influential. Her image isn’t all she is, though; her intense connection to her fans is legendary, and she clearly yearns to inspire them.

But what would be truly inspiring is if Gaga found a way to be whatever size is healthiest for her, because she could help her little monsters do the same. If all this talk of dangerous dieting is true, it simply begs the question: Are Lady Gaga’s provocative looks and even more provocative comments — about drugs, her vagina’s creativity, prayers to become insane, you name it — really smoke-screens for a young woman who’s so starving for fame and acceptance that she’s actually just…starving?

(For more insights about Gaga, check out our exclusive interview next week with Pulitzer Prize-nominated author Maureen Callahan, all about her upcoming book ‘Poker Face: The Rise and Rise of Lady Gaga,’ on sale Sept. 14).


Check out this promo video for the new season of Glee, which features a sneak peek of Lea Michele and new casting, singer Cherise, performing a cover of Lady GaGa’s “Telephone”. We reported a few weeks back that it looked like this was going to happen – and now it’s official! We’re super Gleeks, are you monster gleeks excited to see how it turns out?!


Remember when Lady Gaga appeared on the cover of V magazine all that time ago? Well, we’re one year on and how things have changed – namely her hair on at least 300 of those 365 days, though we failed to keep an actual count.

To celebrate how Gaga’s grown over the past 12 months, Nicola Formichetti, the singer’s stylist and best friend, has picked his favourite fashion looks from the Lady in the latest issue of V magazine that chart her rise to pop super-star, style icon and avant garde princess.

The new issue’s out tomorrow, September 2nd, but you can head to to take a sneak peek

Source: MyFashionLife / V Magazine

Lady Gaga: Billboard Digital Edition Supplement

She’s the hottest singer in the world today and one of the most influential pop stars of her generation — and she can’t seem to stop breaking records! Billboard is proud to present a brand new special supplementthat highlights the latest Gaga news for her “little monsters,” including:

– Exclusive report on her ‘Shocking’ next album
– Behind-the-scenes news from her ‘Monster Ball’ tour
– Lady Gaga’s Latest Billboard Chart Records
– A review of ‘The Remix’ …and much more!

This special digital edition supplement is over 40 pages full of photos, news and reports on all things Gaga.




EDMONTON — Lady Gaga, the current monster pop star, let the crowd in on her real purpose shortly after her performance began at Rexall Place Thursday night.

“Tell me what the Monster Ball is really all about,” asked one of her dancers, a six-foot-tall man in a skimpy body suit and thigh high black leather boots. “Well,” said Gaga from beneath a mountain of blond hair, then screamed “the Monster Ball will set you free! In Canada we are going to be super free little monsters! Tonight you can be whoever you want to be little monsters.”

Lady Gaga’s fan base, her little monsters, has been described by the L.A. Times as being made up of “gay men, bohemian kids and young women attracted by Gaga’s style and singable melodies.

On Thursday, the packed house looked to be somewhat short on gay men and bereft of bohemian kids but definitely heavy on the young women, many of them in skin tight dresses and with Ace Frehley-like lightning bolts on their faces.

The show was opened up by a cheeky, foul-mouthed, glam-punk act, Semi Precious Weapons.

Lead singer Justin Tranter, who swears like he’s a South Park character and looks onstage like a tall, slender blond woman, announced to the crowd his band has been opening up for Gaga since 2006, when they played for 12 people in a bar in New York.

The Semi Precious Weapons played a rousing set of decent punk songs, but Tranter got his biggest cheer each time he intoned the name of Lady Gaga, which he did between almost every song.

The high point came when he led the crowd in the chant where he yelled Lady and the crowd yelled back Gaga.

The crowd was greeted with a massive white sheet half as big as a hockey rink draped across the stage of Rexall Place to start the Gaga show. Images of Gaga dancing and mugging for the camera were projected onto the sheet as Gaga crooned “I’m free! I’m free! I’m free!”

The set looked like it was prepared for a stage play, the story set in a grimy city neighbourhood, with a broken down wreck of a car, rundown apartments and storefronts covered in neon signs that said things like “drugs,” “good food” and “implants, sedation and dentistry.”

Gaga came out in studded black boots, a revealing body suit and a jacket with shoulder pads so big they would drawf a middle linebacker.

Gaga’s Monster Ball has the look and feel of a Broadway spectacular gone raunchy, with dialogue between the songs and a large troupe of dancers.

The show heated up three songs in when Gaga sang her first big hit of the night, Just Dance. She and her dancers skipped around the stage and out onto a catwalk, thrilling the crowd with her inventive moves and costumes.

Gaga is a master of the music video where her choreography and creativity are unmatched right now. Her challenge is to translate that to the stage. She certainly came close Thursday night.

In the second segment of the show, she appeared in a tutu and a white nun’s habit, writhing around with her male dancers in a street car.

She launched into another hit, LoveGame, and the Gaga gang danced up a storm. But the real value added from Gaga live, however, would have to be her empowerment speeches, which peppered the show.

Before the song, Boys, Boys, Boys, which featured athletic male dancers prancing about in nothing but tight, white underwear, Gaga shouted a gay pride message.

She also had constant messages for all the girls in their tight dresses, the main part of her audience, that they should free themselves of anything and anyone who makes them feel insecure.

“Tonight,” she said, “I don’t want you to leave loving me more. I want you to leave loving you more.”

Source: Edmonton Journal

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