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Lady GaGa reaches 20 million Facebook fans

Lady GaGa has reached twenty million Facebook fans, and is weeks away from surpassing Michael Jackson as the most “liked” person on the social networking website! She currently places fourth in the “like” rankings, behind Jackson, Farmville and Texas Hold ‘Em Poker. She is also the most “liked” living person on the site. To become a fan of Lady GaGa on Facebook, visit her official Facebook page:




Source: MTV
Lady Gaga can’t help but ignite controversy. In May, Gaga starred in her own Bluewater Productions comic book, Fame: Lady Gaga. The comic sold out in just one week, but it also divided fans because of its unconventional approach to telling the singer’s life story. Fame: Lady Gaga was not a traditional biography. Some liked this approach. Many did not.

This November, Bluewater will revisit Gaga and her amazing ascendancy to the top ranks of pop stardom. Fame: Lady Gaga 2 will hit comic book shops and online retailers such as in November. The 32-page comic will retail for $3.99.

Unlike the first Lady Gaga Bluewater comic, which will be available in a second printing in September, take two will focus more closely on Gaga’s career, from her days singing in nightclubs to her rise as one of the top-selling performers in the music industry.

Along the way, Fame: Lady Gaga 2 will include all the hairstyles, stage blood, drama and costumes that make Lady Gaga impossible to ignore.

CW Cooke, the writer of the new biography, said that working on the comic presented an opportunity for him to learn more about the performer’s long journey to stardom.

“Working on this book was a privilege, just like working on all the comics I’ve written to date”, Cooke said. “Just looking behind the curtain at this person and learning who they are shows you that they’re not just this famous thing. They are real.”

Artist Dan Glasl said that capturing the many moods, and costumes, of Gaga presented him with an opportunity to showcase some real artistic flair.

“I had a blast working on this book, drawing all the crazy outfits and outrageous hairstyles, and I really think fans of Lady Gaga will enjoy reading about her life and path to stardom,” Glasl said.

Bluewater Productions’ biography line of comics has gained attention from such mainstream media as the Washington Post, New York Times and National Public Radio. In addition to its earlier Lady Gaga comic, the company’s books on Michael Jackson, Michelle Obama, Sarah Palin and Robert Pattinson have recorded big sales numbers.

Bluewater also publishes fiction comics, everything from superheroes and horror to science fiction and young adult. Many of its fiction comics, such as Nanny and Hank and its Logan’s Run series have earned strong reviews.

“We’re proud of all the comics that we publish”, said Darren Davis, president and founder of Bluewater Productions. “By providing a mix of fiction and non-fiction comics, we are bringing new readers to sequential storytelling.”

For more information about Bluewater Productions, visit the company online at

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