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Ne-Yo says making music with Lady Gaga would be “intriguing”.

The R star has collaborated with some of the music industry’s most talented women, including Rihanna and Beyoncé Knowles, although his latest goal is to work with Lady Gaga.

The singer says he isn’t entirely sure what their duet would sound like though, as she is better known for dance music and he prefers hip-hop beats.

“I have no idea! That’s kind of the intriguing thing that I have no idea what that song would sound like,” he told MTV.

“Like, would I jump into her world? Would I pull her into mine?”

Ne-Yo says that whatever ends up happening, the result will be very interesting, and he even suggested a television company film the pair as they make a hit together because he thinks it would make compelling viewing.

“I don’t know, but I feel like it would be interesting to see. Maybe we should get a camera crew over when that happens,” he pondered.

Ne-Yo has been in touch with the pop star’s management, although he says it can be difficult speaking to Lady Gaga herself as she’s so busy working all the time.

“We’ve been talking to Gaga’s people about some stuff,” he explained.

“Gaga’s very difficult to get a hold of as of late, for obvious reasons. She’s very busy. We’ve been talking to her people about doing some stuff.”

Source: MusicRoom

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