Lady Gaga is the 7th most powerful woman in the world according to Forbes, Beyonce Knowles Deaver (9th), Angelina Jolie (21st), Anne Lauvergeon (24th) and Madonna (29th). The singer of “Bad Romance” is also more popular in the U.S. that the First Lady of France Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, as the top 100 most powerful women in the world of The wife of the President of the French Republic Nicolas Sarkozy is the 35th of the 100 most influential women in the world.However, in this top 100 most powerful women in the world according to, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy (35th) beat Heidi Klum (39th), Christine Lagarde (43rd), rather popular in the United States, Sarah Jessica Parker (45th ) and Stephenie Meyer (49th), among others.

Regarding the Top 10 of the 100 most popular women in the world according to Forbes, before the Empowered Lady Gaga (7th), wife of U.S. President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama reigns head. The woman most power in the world according to, Michelle Obama (1st) is ranked ahead Irene Rosenfeld (2nd), Oprah Winfrey (3rd), German Chancellor Angela Merkel (4th) and Hillary Clinton (5th). For the rest of the Top 10 Most Powerful Women by Forbes developed world, there are Indra Nooyi (6th), naturally Lady Gaga (7th), Gail Kelly (8th), Beyoncé Knowles (9th) and then Ellen DeGeneres (10th) . Finally, as so aptly pointed out the website,“according to Forbes, the most powerful are, unsurprisingly, mostly American. The first French classification is Anne Lauvergeon, president of Areva, to 24th place “.



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