Attention Lady Gaga fans, the newly-crowned queen of Polaroid will be outing her first “creative” product next year, with a special Gaga-designed analogue camera destined to her specifications gracing stores near you. Looks like the Big P’s Creative Director is about to start earning her keep…

“Obviously, the design’s pretty wacky but it’ll definitely appeal to her fans, and with over 10 million of them on Facebook, we’re pretty sure this will do well.”

The, as yet, unnamed Gaga Polaroid will be one of the company’s analogue range in the style of the recently released Polaroid 300 which harks back to the old instant cameras. It won’t produce the much loved 4 x 4 prints the world knows so well, but instead will expose an ink-made 3 x 4 size with the traditional white border, the like of which can also be printed out from any camera using the most recent sized PoGo which will be available this Christmas.

Will you buy a Gaga Polaroid camera? It’s great to see the re-introduction of such a legendary camera!


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