GAGAISHALucky fan Ashton had the opportunity to take a picture with Lady Gaga at a restaurant in New York City on Tuesday night.

Lady Gaga will call L.A.’s KIIS FM (7:30 a.m.) and AMP Radio (8:00 a.m.) for interviews before performing her sold-out “Monster Ball” show at Staples Center tonight.


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  1. Scott Goldstein said:

    The Style Network is looking for women in the NY, NJ and PA area for a once in a lifetime experience. The women will be made over by world-class makeup and hair experts giving you the look of your dreams. When the makeover is complete they will then have a photo shoot with one of the fashion industries top photographers!

    All expenses related to the makeovers and photo shoot will be on us! This is an amazing chance for these women to look as beautiful as each of them feel. What woman doesn’t like playing dress up? Except this time they will be working with experts capable of giving them the look they’ve always wanted.

    We are currently looking to makeover a group of Lady Gaga fan’s into the different looks Gaga has had during her music videos. This is a great opportunity for a group of fans to come together and celebrate their love for Gaga in a unique and exciting way. If this applies to you or anyone you know we encourage people to apply as soon as possible.

    We are particularly looking for women who live in the New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania areas. If interested in submitting for the show please send us an email including the following information to
    What type of group this is
    Background story on your love for Gaga
    What this makeover would mean to you
    Attach two recent pics

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