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 Lady Gaga Photo Irks Beatles Fans

July 12

Lady Gaga’s stirring up controversy yet again — but this time all she did was play a little piano. A photo of the “Bad Romance” crooner seated at John Lennon’s famous white Steinway recently hit the Web, and Beatles fans are up in arms.

John’s son Sean Lennon posted the photo on Twitter with the caption: “With gaga at mom’s house, she’s belting on the white piano…” The instrument was a gift from The Beatles’ frontman to Sean’s mother, Yoko Ono, and it sits out in the open at Yoko’s home.

In the pic, the singer wears typically skimpy Gaga-gear (a skintight body suit and thigh-high fishnets) while singing and tickling away at the keys. The image drew an outcry from some Beatles fans who considered Gaga unworthy of the iconic instrument.

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One fan responded to Sean’s Twitpic, saying, “WHY WOULD YOU LET LADY GAGA PLAY ON JOHN’S PIANO? I’m disappointed. >:(”

To which the youngest Lennon replied, “pianos meant are to be played. Why is everyone so uptight? What should we do, lock it away in a dusty room? So judgmental…”

Sean eventually took the photo down and used his Twitter page to once again respond to the criticisms, saying, “Firstly, he gave that piano to my mother for her birthday, it is hers, secondly, he was not uptight the way you seem to be,” adding, “Come on, lighten up…life’s too short, there’re enough real problems in the world….”

Lady Gaga may not have attained John Lennon’s cult status yet, but she certainly knows how to play a piano. The pop star was classically trained in the instrument from the age of 4, to prodigal results. Gaga began giving concerts in elementary school and wrote her first keyboard ballad at 13 . The Lady continued her musical education through college, majoring in the subject at NYU.

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The “Paparazzi” superstar is also a noted fan of John Lennon and The Beatles. While performing at the Human Rights Campaign’s National Dinner in 2009, Gaga played Lennon’s 1971 sensation “Imagine.”

The song was meant as a tribute to the fallen heroes of the gay rights movement, Gaga explained, stating, “I’m not going to play one of my songs tonight, because tonight is not about me.” Angry Beatles fanatics aside, it sure seems she’s earned her place at those famous keys.


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